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Lainy Russell
Founder & Director

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Welcome to Flourish, I'm Lainy the founder and I want to help all of you thrive or FLOURISH in all that you do.

Having been in various, very challenging and stressful leadership and management roles throughout my career, I decided I wanted to create a unique and totally bespoke service that I would have loved to have had when I was a 'stressed exec'!

I worked on some big transformative developments, crisis situations and tricky human dynamics; I loved it and was very successful, so now it's time to support others.

I also work in partnership with other handpicked individuals who are specialists in their field and can bring different dimensions to the training and coaching we offer.

What drives me?

My driving force, the thing that gets me up every morning and keeps me going on my worse days, is the fact that I know I can make a difference. I have had so many amazing experiences with the people I have worked with and each time something positive happens for someone else I feel inspired to learn more, do more and engage with more and more people.


The amazing thing is, that it doesn't matter whether you want to improve small things, major things, personal or professional things,


they all come back to the central point of understanding how humans work and then working with that knowledge to change things. Imagine if we taught this in every school, how mentally rich would we all be.

Can I tell you about the missing link?

The missing link is something I find in all walks of life and work. It's training that is never translated into everyday practical use, it's sayings, quotes and 'pop' psychology on social media that you don't know how to translate into strategies that you can use in your real life. In fact it is all those things available to us that we see, hear, read, watch or discuss that no one ever tells us how to actually use or do in a way that makes a real difference to us.

My missing link to you, simply defined, is the translation of research, science and common theories, often complex and thought provoking, into real life useable strategies and simple ideas for development.


Basically making the complicated user-friendly, but contextualised to your life, work, circumstance!


And I love sharing this with as many people as I can.

And the personal bits...

In 2021 I realised my dream of living near the sea, I now live on the south coast with my 20 year old son who has obviously inherited my entrepreneurial spirit and runs his own content creation business from home. 

In my 'spare time' I present and produce a radio show that is broadcast every Sunday and Monday evening on Wey Valley Radio!



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What drives me?
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